Musings Of A Management Graduate On The Eve Of An Interview

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Tick Tock – Tick Tock – even though the sound is familiar, and tells me that time is flowing, the hands of the clock, when I look at them, seem stuck in their place perennially. Seems like cruel time is playing with my emotions.


As I look out of the window into the calmness of the night, my heart beat sounds to me like the hoof beats of a stallion as it races into a storm. Suddenly, yes suddenly it seems that I have reached a milestone in life.

Tomorrow, I look to rise, I look to achieve, I look to become – I face my Final Interview for my MBA Final Placements in a Big Company, yes!! A very big company. Something no one in the town which I come from, can even dream of thinking about as a career option.

Suddenly it dawns on me that I have completed a circle. A circle which started 24 months ago, when even my parents weren’t sure if I was fit to do an MBA.

Bangla Medium theke paash korechish, M.Com kore chakri khonj” was my father’s contemptuous remark when I presented the idea of an MBA.

You have studied in your school with Bengali as your primary language of education; like most of your peers, just go and apply for a run-of-the-mill desk job!”> His typical, middle class mindset could not understand how someone from a small town with almost no English speaking prowess could nurture aspirations to be part of top notch multinational companies. I felt extremely downcast by this treatment of my dreams, but somehow did not give up hope.

My mother was a saintly figure in those days. Always like a pillar by my side, though not without her own inhibitions, “If you do not make the most of this, we would have lost a lot of money on your MBA, what we have saved for your sister’s wedding.” Even though encouragement was present, but so was the risk, and the pressure on me to perform, to succeed, to make the most of this opportunity was veryheavy. I persevered.

I remember requesting the Interview panel at BIBS Kolkata, during my selection interview, to allow me to present an extempore topic given to me in Bengali, and not in English as I found myself incapable of framing the right sentences to convey exactly what I meant. I remember getting a scornful look that made me realize the sheer height of the mountain I had chosen to climb. At the end of the interview as I rose to leave, not quite sure whether I would be admitted or not, I heard a gentle yet firm voice say, “You have determination, can you pull through for 2 years with this?”, Somehow the semi-encouraging question gave me a new lease of confidence, and I turned around and responded “Yes Sir, I do my best and proud you” (even though hopelessly wrong in grammar, as also spoken with heavily accented English, my answer seemed to impress the panelist).

The interview was over, but my problems were hardly at an end. The question of being able to financially be able to remit all the tuition fees of the institution was still there. My father was still skeptical about being able to come up with the total amount, and he made no secret of the fact that he was more than a little bit short. I spoke to the BIBS counselling team, and they were kind enough to offer assistance in this matter. They told me that they were associated with several financial institutions who would offer me a loan of the amount of tuition fees, to be paid back when I would be drawing a salary from the organization where I would be placed, post the completion of my course at BIBS.

Paperwork, quite a lot of it, followed. As did long queues to hand in the said paperwork, followed by even more paperwork, and rapid fire questions from more panels.

Finally, I was enrolled. And so began my journey.

My journey has led me here, to the eve of my first interview with a large multinational company. My preparation today has not been anything technical. Today, I have not visited the website of the company, or taken notice of any news-worthy mentions. Today, however, I have pressed my suit. Today I have readied a shirt and tie matching the suit. Today I have polished my shoes to a shine. Today I have had a haircut and shave, so that I look extremely presentable in my suave clothes tomorrow.

What I am going to say tomorrow in front of my panel is going to be markedly different from what I said to my interviewers when I was accepted to BIBS. I will not ask for permission to state my feelings in my mother tongue. I am confident in English.

The content of what I say, has been drilled into me with countless sessions with my very capable faculty at BIBS. The subject matter has been taught to me. I have been tested upon it to prove my worthiness.

I will be confident when I walk into the interview room tomorrow. I will know that what I speak has substance, molded in the proper form. I have BIBS to thank for this.

I look up from my musings suddenly, I realize its drizzling. It is past 10 pm and the lane outside my rented accommodation wears a deserted look only to be shaken up by a barking dog chasing the cat or someone returning from a late shift. A good night’s rest is extremely important before a big day like tomorrow.

I shall turn in now.






Six Things To Look For In Your B School

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It can be said for sure that a good MBA program is the best way to progress in your career. Enhanced job security, higher positions are sure to come to your platter once you successfully complete a program from a reputed institution. If you are contemplating attending graduate school to get your MBA degree, there are a few important issues which you need to consider before making your decision. Check out the top 10 MBA colleges in Kolkata and then select the one which best suits your requirements. So here are the key factors to look out for.

MBA Program: Know the Courses

Find out if the college has a course suited for you. While some colleges have course suited for freshers, others have courses that are best suited for working professionals. So find out the one which has courses best suited for you. At premier B School Kolkata we have several activities based learning initiatives which help a student to relate with corporate life and learn better. As for example the various presentation or brand building programs like brand wars become an interesting learning tool for would be brand managers.

Earning While Learning

Do you want to keep working while earning your MBA in a part time program or you have enough financial resources are going to give you support to attend the B School for a full time? The answers of these questions will help you select the right B school for you.

In BIBS an interesting part is that students start earning as early as six months of commencement of the course and some of the best companies of India like PepsiCo,  Ernst and Young, Dabur, Coca – Cola, Aditya Birla Group, Perfetti, ESPN recruit them.  Such practical training empower the students with all the necessary skills that are required to better ones career prospects.

The Reputation of the B School

While selecting an institute you need to check out the credibility of the institute. Find out if your MBA institution has a good reputation in the market or a mediocre one. Know about the previous year’s placements and find out if they have efficient as well as renowned faculty – these all points need to be considered thoroughly before your enrolment in a B School. Also the association of B school and the tie ups do matter. For instance there are several tie ups with top corporate which help a student in BIBS to get accustomed to the real world and learn from real leaders. BIBS, the best MBA College in Kolkata has tie-ups with Management Development Institute of Singapore, Reliance Money, Oracle Academy, National Stock Exchange and IIM Ahmedabad’s National Information Centre of Management to provide their utmost support to this institute.

The Specializations Offered

Before selecting an MBA course find out what your interests are – whether you are interested in general MBA or you want to go for a specialized one.  Specialized MBAs offer more advanced study in a particular area of business but make sure it is your area of interest. Also find out if the B school has apt faculty for the specialization.


MBA Colleges in Kolkata generally charge 4 to 5 lakhs on an average for a full time MBA program but the salary you will get after successfully passing out from the B School is generally worth your investment. There are few factors that can affect your salary:


  • Whether you will continue with your current employer after getting an MBA degree or seek for a new job,
  • The amount of relevant experience you have for the job you are seeking,
  • The type of job you are seeking and the level of demand /supply for workers

Study the job market and then evaluate whether the B school will equip you with skills to face the job market. Look if the B school has overseas placement- for example the B school BIBS has placed several of its students overseas and so it is a good bet.

The Final Call

The final wisdom about MBA is whatever you do; do not jump into a program without doing necessary research and introspection. Make a final decision after you have checked all the perspectives.




Brexit And Observation Of Future MBAs

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The British citizens opted out from European Union by voting on 23rd June, 2016 and from then on a lot of turmoil is on at both industry and financial market. Enough commentary is being given by experts and not so experts on how Britain will handle the situation, whether they are going to face the music or not. We asked our students their views in this domain…

Student 1 Holistic View

I think that there would be a strong anti British sentiment in the rest of Europe. The financial market will be affected greatly; especially big honchos like Vodafone will face the heat! Companies like them that have an international market but headquartered in Britain are mostly likely to be affected. Again, I feel the country was not ready to face the Brexit- not got enough time was there to prepare beforehand, thus they do not know how to react on it. May be in the long run the international market will be stabilized or at least we can hope so.

Student 2 Optimistic View

According to my point of view, Brexit will have a positive effect on market economy. We, here in BIBS, one of the top MBA Colleges in Kolkata learnt about market research and my knowledge is informing me that there would be an immediate boost up in sales. Rather there will hardly be any impact on the brands of British origins. Yes, there will only be some desultory wind in the Euro market until the market settles down.

Student 3  Future Ambiguous  View

It is not an issue to be looked through with an emotional mind. I do not know about the job market in Britain will be affected or not as the answer can only be got in future.

Student 4 Optimistic View 2

Britain can build up new trade relationships with rest of the world like USA and Commonwealth countries and so it does make sense that our country should maintain a good rapport with them as they are considered as fourth largest market in the world. Now, when the incident or accident has happened already, things can improve only- I am crossing my fingers.

Know All About The Career Prospects After MBA In Finance

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Master of Business Administration is the best known and widely recognized post graduate degree intended for those who work in business and management and a specialization in finance definitely increases the probability of getting lucrative jobs as well as advancement in ones career. An MBA course in Kolkata is of utmost relevance to the people who work in management irrespective of the industry, business sector and the position they work in. Irrespective of the nature of job they are in, getting an MBA degree can for sure help one to improve one’s scope of promotion in a job or opt for a better paying job. This is true for all jobs across diverse industries – finance being no exception. So what are the career prospects after MBA in finance? Read on as we tell you more…

Versatility of Jobs

Initially doing an MBA in finance might seem to be a daunting idea – however if the course is done in the right college it is indeed a good idea. Most of the students who have done MBA in finance acknowledge that the first few months seemed tough, yet if one receives the right guidance it can for sure be taken at stride.

Empowered with an MBA degree individual can develop a career in a vast range of fields. One need not stick to a chartered accountant profile only but can move on to the strategic and operations management level in case one does a degree from one of the best MBA colleges in Kolkata.

Skill Development for MBA in Finance

While doing MBA in finance in one of the best MBA colleges in Kolkata, an individual gets new avenues in career path as that course provides one with new skills. Every MBA wants to see a return on their investment whereas employers expect that MBA people will possess high credibility, confidence and influence on others. While pursuing an MBA in finance one can gain the business and financial skills needed to work in a number of enterprises.
MBA finance programs provide the foundational education in statistics, leadership, economics and strategy. They can opt for any of the following categories after passing out from the best MBA colleges in Kolkata.
Foundations in finance,
Global economy,
Market trading,
Risk management,
Corporate finance,
Investment banking.

Opens the Doors

MBA creates new networks and opens multiple opportunities you have never dreamt of. The compensation packages offered after MBA is always higher as well as the best MBA colleges in Kolkata give 100% placement assurance and thus an MBA graduate is likely to get returns of their total investment within a tenure of four to five years.

Specialized Courses

Some colleges like BIBS have specialized course for financial professionals. For example the PGPFM course certified jointly by BIBS, Kolkata and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) – for the first time in West Bengal is one of the best courses you can opt for as a finance professional.
The MBA Degree is awarded by Vidyasagar University, a State Government University. This is an Industry Oriented Curriculum taught by Faculty from BIBS (academicians and industry professionals) and experts from NSE, and it ensures real time learning which enhances Placement Opportunities. A blend of management education, contemporary business practices and live learning opportunities backed by a strong Industry Academic Advisory Council at BIBS. The Industry Faculty team at BIBS comprises of Industry Professionals who teaches the students the standards of the Finance Industry.

Though MBA in finance might seem tough yet Motivation and upliftment – help from faculty , mentors and corporate from NSE who help with practical learning often helps the students sail through. Besides internship in reputed organizations like PWC further add to the credentials and prepare the student for the job market.
Simulated Live Market Trading exposure is provided to students through NSE’s Learn to Trade (NLT) software. This gives students the exposure to the real operating scenarios of the Financial World.

A course like this is a great go ahead for the finance professional. To read what our graduates say read here…

Being the financial head of a large conglomeration is a dream that many nurture – an MBA in finance leads to the realization of that aspiration.

Exposure : The Biggest Necessity Of An MBA Today

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With competition and population both on a steep rise in the sub-continent of India, the demand for MBA has not changed from well-educated to well-trained management professionals. Today, just having an MBA degree is not sufficient for you to land a good corporate final placement, you need to have the ability to define the real time scenarios of the management world, something which no Text Book covers, something you need to practically do to understand.

Exposure driven MBA – the new way forward

With exposure being the need of the hour, a mere 3 month Summer Internship does not suffice with the corporate requirements. Companies are today looking for more deep rooted understanding of markets and dynamics of business, even from freshers. It is in this light that programmes like PGPIBM and MBA at BIBS, Kolkata, a premier Business School in Kolkata and ranked amongst the “World’s Greatest Brands – Asia and GCC” process reviewers being PwC, have given the modern day management aspirant a new lease of life w.r.t. getting better Final Placements.

Learn – and Earn while you Learn too!!

BIBS, Kolkata, offers a full time Industry Integrated programme (PGPIBM) that is designed to give a student both academic and practical knowledge of an MBA. Students benefit from the academics as well as real jobs and thus enhance their job skills during the course of this management education.

After six months, students are placed as apprentices in the best companies ranging from IndusInd Bank, Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons, Janalakshmi Finance to big wigs like ITC, Britannia and PepsiCo, Dabur, Coca – Cola, Aditya Birla Group, Perfetti, ESPN. The apprenticeship is a practical work assignment for 15 – 18 months that teaches the students the real corporate life.

The bonus in this is the apprenticeship stipend paid by the companies, which in the current year has gone up to 27,500 p.m which gives the students an opportunity to earn as well.

Practical Knowledge Overlaps Theoretical

According Prof. Tarun Kumar Ghosh, a renowned Teacher in many Business Schools across West Bengal, “Students need to come out of their theoretical base and be more focused on their practical orientation. In fact an MBA program is valuable only when they can put their acquired knowledge into practice and use what they are taught in the classroom.

The Industry endorses Exposure over Theory

In the context of the PGPIBM offered by BIBS, Kolkata, the following observation was received from Mr. Debargha Deb, Sr. Joint Manager – HR, Dabur, “It is amazing to see a Business School take the effort of calibrating industry with education. Students of the PGPIBM and MBA Programme will definitely get and edge amongst competition with the work experience.”


 The Unconventional Approach of Teaching Methodologies

Interactive learning programs, multiple case studies and practical over view of solving different business problems encourage students to gain knowledge that is unconventional, practical and enriched by interacting with a diverse peer group. It also allows the students to understand different roles in business. Extending a thankful hand to the smart territory of modern education it can be said that those who are unable to get away from their offices even for short period span, the options for further study are developing in a versatile manner through various weekend courses that allow you to earn while you learn. At the same time progressive MBA colleges are creating courses which focus on practical learning, allowing the students to develop their job skills.



Top 7 Reasons To Study Management

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Engineering teaches an individual to solve a problem with the help of concepts and formulas while management helps one to understand a problem from multiple dimensions and solve it with a better clarity of thoughts. Completing an MBA program is indeed hard work but the edge it gives one over his peers is worth achieving. So why should you study management? We list the top reasons for you!

A Student thinking why to study managment

Why study management

To Take a Leap in Your Career

While working on MBA, you may find opportunities to intern or volunteer which can be a great source of real world learning before you take the final leap in your career and that is for sure one of the primary reasons for  you to search for a top MBA college in Kolkata. Most MBA programs allow you to specialize and you can focus on a specific industry, like health care, marketing, technology etc which enables you to try out different careers and industries before final commitment.

Advantage of MBA

BIBS has a successful summer internship program – the students can choose an industry of their choice and find out if that is best suited for final placement. A lot of professionals join the PGPIBM program in BIBS every year to enhance their career prospects. This program is a full time Industry Integrated programme which aims to provide a student both academic and practical knowledge of an MBA. Students benefit from the academics as well as real jobs to enhance their Management Education.

Higher Salary

The average package for an MBA is considerably higher than an employee with a regular master qualification and so in two to three years you can cover the investment made in your Management education. All the more reason to go for an MBA from a top B School!

Final Placement At BIBS

BIBS has a legacy of securing spectacular placements – be it the range of options of careers or compensation the institute provides national or international placements. This year’s placement season has continued this legacy and the MBA Batch 2014-2016 has already got 6 international placements.

Quick Career for Youth

With MBA you can go on a fast track mode on your career path. The degree from the right college can help you get accolades in your professional field and reap rich dividends. Quite a significant number of students who are fresher join BIBS every year and land up in decent jobs.

Exposure to Successful Leaders

Management Gurus love to visit business schools and deliver lectures which are great way for you to hear insights and their experiences show you the way how to proceed. This helps you garner enough wisdom to chart your career path.

Chetan Bhagat at BIBS

At BIBS we have had great leaders visit the institute and inspire the students with their speech. For instance BIBS has hosted ex president of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, famous author and novelist Chetan Bhagat and ex Indian team Captain Kapil Dev.

Kapil Dev at the best MBA institute,BIBS

Besides the organization regularly invites corporate at campus so that students gain from their real life experiences.

Better Network

During the years in a B-school you have great networking opportunities. You will get to know and interact in a relevant manner with the alma mater, professors and interview panelists. You gain access to the extensive alumni network of that particular MBA program. This networking even helps you in the later stage of your career.Alumni Meet

BIBS has a strong alumni network and the several corporate honchos who visit the campus on a regular basis allow the students to develop a strong network.

Expand Your Horizon

In an MBA program you will get a chance to study different case studies pertaining to various organizations and you get valuable business lessons from them. Later in your career you can use those insights to make better decisions.

Rajiv Soni, Head Marketing Communication at TATA Steel taking a session at BIBS

As a part of the corporate at campus for BIBS various working professionals who visit BIBS talk from their real life experiences which benefit the students to a great extent.

Face Up the Challenge

By constantly challenging yourself with the newest problem solving methods, you acquire a great overview of the business world. If you are the type of a person who can handle the challenge of holding a leadership position with lot of responsibility, management is the perfect field for you. BIBS has been continually creating leaders for tomorrow by its excellent academic infrastructure and corporate connections.





Fly High with a Great Pay Packet after An MBA In Marketing

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Top MBA School Kolkata,

Best MBA College Kolkata

For the last 5 to 7 years, MBA is a very popular course choice and is the way to find a well paying and secure job. However, are all MBA degrees equally relevant and does each one of them carry the same weight age so as to be relevant? While all the specializations are required to run a successful business enterprise, an MBA in marketing is quite in demand among the business houses because a qualified candidate will automatically translate to revenue for the company.

MBA School Kolkata with Best Placement

MBA Skills

Finer Skills Taught In an MBA in Marketing

Marketing is not just selling a product or an idea for the company you represent to another company or to the general public. Rather, it includes things like advertising, pricing, product design, selling, international exposure, on the job training, past, present and future scenario of various industries, market research and analysis, presentation and communication. To ensure that buying and selling remains a dynamic process, smart candidates with intelligence and wit to tackle odd situations are very much necessary. Topics included in the courses are Analysis of Demand, Cost Volume and Profit, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Campaigns, Market Research and Strategic Planning.

best mba placements in kolkata

MBA Jobs

Job Opportunities after Earning the MBA

The job profiles which will be open to you after an MBA in marketing are Head of Digital Marketing, Product Manager, Media Planner, Sales Manager, Market Research Analyst, Corporate Sales, Asset Management, Brand manager and Marketing Manager.


The marketing can be direct or digital marketing. While the former involves conventional methods, the latter comprises of marketing by the social media, pay-per-click, web designing, search engine optimization, search media optimization and articles. The salary packages are equally good with average package in New Delhi being Rs 6 lakhs+, in Bangalore it is Rs 7 lakhs+, in Mumbai it is Rs 7 lakhs+, and for Pune one can get Rs 5.5 lakhs+. However, the salary very much depends on the position you join as and the company that recruits you. Nevertheless, even the minimum salary package is quite a handsome one.







3 Time Saving Techniques To Make Your Day More Fruitful

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June 21, 2016

Nowadays, time is at premium for many people because there is too much work and too little time to complete those tasks. While sometimes you may feel like giving up everything and just sit lazily, it is not possible every single day. Here are some time management tips to ensure that we have enough time to do every single work.

Important Work First

While you may have too many work to do on your list, ensure that only the most important and time consuming work is done first thing in the morning. That way you have ample time to do the other works. When the time consuming tasks are done, you can start on the other works with a lighter heart and less pressure that you have a very important work yet to be done.

Groups Tasks Together

It may be that you have two tasks of similar type and two other of a similar type. The best thing to do is to group similar tasks together and do them at one time. It may also be that all the tasks need a same set of information. Therefore it is better to open the facts at one time and complete all the tasks that the same sheets are not opened multiple times. That way, interrelated work can be done at once and save time later on.

Teach Children Independence

This is not office related but home related. You can waste a lot of time when you are running after children and clean mess made by them. Rather you can teach them to do it. They must pick up their toys after playtime and keep them in the proper place if within their reach. If not, then teach them to keep the toys in a bucket and keep the bucket yourself. This way, you will just have to keep the bucket in its proper place and not pick up ala the scattered toys.

Time is a very tricky thing which follows the adage of the more the merrier. Just follow the tips given here and you will be able to do all your work without any hassle.


Convocation 2016 For The PGPBM And PGPIBM Batch Of 2014-16

by BIBS Blog

On 4th June 2016, the BIBS campus was humming with excitement as the final year students of Business Management at the institute started arriving early in the morning to attend the most important day in their career – the convocation ceremony where they would finally be conferred their post graduate certificates in Business Management.


Most of the students in the 2014-16 batch were getting back together with their classmates after a long gap, since they had been placed through campus interviews in top companies as early as in their 3rd semester, and had only met briefly in between during their final semester examinations.


Friends greeted each other, joking and reminiscing on the challenges they had taken up during their days on the BIBS campus, both in the classroom and during the plethora of events that had prepared them for corporate life.Eager eyes searched out their favorite professors and mentors at college, who had not only imparted them with valuable knowledge, but also guided them patiently in building key skills like public speaking, ideating, researching, analyzing and presenting.

The pride in the faces of the faculty members was also evident. They could see with their own eyes the transformation that had happened to those same students who had come face-to-face with them for the first time two years ago. Students who had been too afraid to speak even a sentence were now talking confidently in English, and taking a lead in conversations with their friends and faculty. Students who had not known how to carry themselves in public were now shaking hands with poise as they wished their teachers good morning. Each and every student had proved that with a little bit of guidance, they could prove themselves in any industry and in any company in India and abroad. For some of them had flown in specially from their jobs overseas to be able to meet their faculty one more time and receive their certificates.


There were animated conversations all round, as students and faculty exchanged notes on the way the curriculum and events followed at BIBS were helping the students cope with life in top corporates. Students spoke of how they had been able to impress their bosses with a really great PowerPoint® presentation because of the things they had learnt during Aspire to Achieve. Others said that after Brand Wars, they found it much easier to frame marketing strategies on behalf of their companies. Still others shared how their colleagues at their current organization appreciated their knowledge of the market because of the learning they had picked up in the classroom.

One of the students, KevalManek, proudly said, “It feels great when my bosses and colleagues recognize my institute by name and says, ‘Oh, you are from BIBS!’ This just goes to show the reputation BIBS has built for itself in these last few years.”

Students eagerly put on their gowns and caps and filed into the auditorium. Camera shutters were busy as selfie after selfie was taken to preserve the wonderful graduation day (or post-graduation day, as it is known in India) in their memories.Placecom members of the junior batch moved around clicking photographs and taking interviews of their seniors who were graduating.

There was a buzz of excitement as the eagerly awaited guest of honor, Mr. LaxmiRatan Shukla, Honorable Minister of State for Sports and Youth Affairs, Government of West Bengal walked in.  The minister charmed everyone with his simplicity and down-to-earth nature. He was received and felicitated by Mr. Vidur Kapoor, Chairman, BIBS.


Dr. Debasish Biswas, Member, Board of Studies, Vidyasagar University, and Mr. Ashok Kapoor, Chairman, Eidos Group were the other guests at the convocation.

The honorable minister spoke about the need for every citizen of Bengal to start supporting and standing by their fellow citizens. Mr. Shukla iterated that this was the only way that the state of West Bengal would progress and regain its position as one of the top state in India. He urged the students to come forward irrespective of party allegiances and work towards improving West Bengal.


Dr. Debasish Biswas spoke warmly about the excellent relationship that Vidyasagar University shares with the Bengal Institute of Business Studies. He pointed out that the reason why BIBS was so successful in grooming students to face corporate life was because of the emphasis the institute puts on skill-based learning. Dr. Biswas stressed that soft and technical skill development is the only way that students can increase their employability quotient in the highly competitive job market in India that is prevailing at present.

Then, it was time for the moment the young post graduates had been eagerly waiting for. They had the honor of going on stage and receiving their certificates from the honorable minister Mr. Shukla, Dr. Debasish Biswas and Mr. Ashok Kapoor. There was a lot of nostalgia as they stood on the dais with shining eyes, because this was the very stage where they had delivered their first presentation in front of corporate judges; this was the very stage where they had wowed the audience with their incisive marketing strategies; this was the same place where they had shared their start-up plans with CEOs; this was the place where they had listened to famous personalities talking about their experiences in life during MGIS…

There were quite a few students who wiped away their tears as they were escorted to the photo booth outside where they could instantly upload their photographs – certificates proudly held up for all to see – on social media. And as they all resumed their seats inside the auditorium again, the college had a special gift for them – a video of all the wonderful moments they had shared at BIBS during the last two years.

And so, for one last time, they got the chance to cheer as well-loved scenes flashed on the screen in front of them, and memories welled up of the treasured moments when they had studied shoulder to shoulder, and worked shoulder to shoulder – Sometimes in the O.B. class, sometimes in OLE, sometimes in Quantitative Techniques, sometimes in Aspire to Achieve, moments in the Marketing class, moments in Brand Wars, moments in Financial Management, moments in USP, PASSPORT and VISA…

They were sad to go, they wished they could spend a few months more, with friends and faculty, mentors and guides… Because they understood now what BIBS had given them – Learning for Life…

You, too, can participate in this wonderful and enriching life of learning at BIBS. Transform yourself into a successful professional equipped with all the skills necessary to work in the top organizations in India. Visit today.

Bengal Institute Of Business Studies Convocation Ceremony Held: Attended by Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Government of West Bengal Lakshmi Ratan Shukla

by BIBS Blog

The 7th convocation ceremony of Bengal Institute Of Bengal Studies – which has been ranked among world’s greatest brand 2015 Asia & GCC,  was held on 4th June 2016 at Birla Academy Of Art And Culture.



It was a grand affair where the chief guest were Mr. Laxmi Ratan Shukla, Honourable Minister of State for Sports and Youth Affairs, Dr. Debashis Biswas, Member, Board Of Studies, Vidyasagar University and Mr. Ashok Kapoor, Chairman, Edios Group. The special guest for the occasion was Mr. Avik Chowdhury, former cricket and Bengal all-rounder.


The occasion started with a Saraswati Vandana by Baisakhi Chatterjee, Piyali Roy, Kingkini Ukil, Somsweta Das and Jinia Bhattacharya. This was followed by an inspirational welcome speech by Mr. Vidur Kapoor, chairman of BIBS.

Words Of Wisdom From The Guests

Next up on  the stage was Mr. Laxmi Ratan Shukla whose motto in life is to do things with enthusiasm and he shared the same with the present guests. For him, hard work is of paramount importance. He urged everyone to support each other and work with each other. He told everyone to forget about party affiliations and work for Bengal which is our land of birth and work.


Dr. Biswas congratulated the outgoing students and wished them success in their corporate life. It is confidence, willpower and commonsense that will help the students in their future journey, he said. Skill is a permanent weapon and it can be used to formulate corporate and individual strategy, he added.

Line Of Delighted Students


Finally it was time for the event of the day – awarding the students with their degrees. One by one, over 100 students were called upon the dias by Principal Mr. Deepak Bhattacharya where they were presented with their certificates.  The beaming students posed for photographs with the guests of honour and they are now ready to face the world ahead of them.